Harlan County Friends of the Shelter is  asking for donations.

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Early morning on April 22 2019 tragedy struck our little rural town of Harlan County Kentucky. 
Out of the ashes of a fatal house fire, a first responder found something alive, crying from the ashes,a baby kitten.
Harlan County Animal control was on the scene to respond and help in any way needed, this tiny little body struggling to breath was passed off to Chief Animal Control officer Willie Galloway. He entrusted tiny kitten to Shelter Worker Jennifer. 
Jennifer started emergency treatment including suction, oxygen, and vigorous stimulation. He started to cry, it was such a relief. Sadly the fight was only starting for this wee little one. 
We dubbed the baby Phoenix, from out of the ashes.. 
Overnight were able to stabilize Phoenix. He got some good food and around the clock care. The decision was quickly made by Animal Control and Friends of the Shelter to try and save Phoenix by transferring his care to vets who specialized in smoke inhalation. 
This is where we need help.. Phoenix is only 2-3 weeks old, although he survived the fire and had no outside burning on his skin, his little lungs are in bad shape. Friends of the Shelter transferred Phoenix to Blue Grass Animal Hospital in Lexington yesterday April 23.
Being so small he needs around the clock care, treatment includes smoke inhalation therapy, IV fluids and antibiotics and the use of a hyperbolic chamber. This is costly, so we are seeking donations to help to secure the monies to save this small life. 
Any monitory donations will go to the continued care of Phoenix, emergency care, stabilization and any future cost for his ongoing care. Our mission is to save him and be able to return him to his family if possible. Out of this tragedy we hope to provide this small ray of hope for this family. Donations are tax deductible and can be made via our website at www.hcfosorg on Pay Pal, or check to :
Harlan County Friends of the Shelter
21 Willow Drive
Harlan, Ky. 40831

**UPDATE ** 
From the vets: Phoenix did well overnight, less mucus this morning. On antibiotics, fluids and hyperbolic chamber.

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